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New Moon Solar eclipse in Aquarius- Friday 16th February 2018 let the illumination begin!

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

We are about to be eclipsed again, but this is the second of two eclipses for this current season, so we will notice a big difference in our energy levels and ability to manifest change after this next Solar eclipse on Friday 16th 10:05am NZ time.

All the planets are direct with this eclipse which mean its still a potent time to move forward and we have much cosmic support on our side as we take any aligned action right now, literally all systems are go in this energy now.

Growth is what can be manifested now, about three days after the eclipse (Monday 19th) is the optimum time to start something new and allow the growth phases of the Moon to help us to grow what our hearts desire!

Aquarius is all about the collective, whats good for the whole, not so much just the individual needs.

Bare this in mind as you begin to create from this energy. It is a future and big picture focus, and is all about our Tribe or the groups we belong to. Inspiration can come from thinking out of the box and having inspired creative ideas. Be creative and open minded and open hearted and what you create now will have wings! What do you contribute to the whole?

How can you serve humanity as a whole?

These are the questions we should be asking ourselves now.

New energy is here for us now to draw upon, and its up to us to create as an individual for the whole planet. We must still be open to letting go of what is no longer needed or serving us as we move forward and we must follow our dreams right now, what is innate and true for you?

Let go of everything that is not in alignment with that.

Aquarius is the STAR card of the Major arcana in the Tarot, and it is all about being illuminated, following your dreams and a wish being fulfilled.

However eclipses are sent to shake up our individual and collective status quo so the ride is not over yet!

This eclipse can cause some “Too good to be true energy” with Aquarius illusions and fantasy can be easy to slip into, so being grounded and practical is really needed to balance these higher cosmic forces, we must bring these high forces down into everyday life where they can be refined and embodied by us in our experiences.

Relationships of all kinds can be challenged as we become illuminated (more aware) to the issues between us, but now we must deal with them in a practical and down to earth way. Not always easy when betrayal or emotional conflict is present.

The truth is going to be revealed smack in our face, and now we must face that reality and come to place that we choose Self Love over needing to belong to a person or group or family that isn’t supporting who you are and what you need. This is a solution focused energy, so if there is Love involved we must find a way through..rather than around, communication is key as is compassion and honesty!

Its about the Win-Win in the age of Aquarius.

Expect the unexpected as Eclipses open doorways also, to level you up with situations and people around you. You may find that you loose people during eclipses but also new people move effortlessly into your sphere.

We are in a very creative and Spiritual energy here, self awareness and the ability to navigate fantasy vs reality is going to be really important. Do not go on just HOPE alone with people now, watch your impulses and make sure you have all the facts and good communication before acting or re-acting, this is a time when you may not have all the facts, and we are way more prone to not seeing things clearly. Sound judgement is called for, as is Wisdom, and taking a breath before jumping!

Confusion could be around in the week after the Solar eclipse, and decisions should be put on hold until the last week of February, especially around relationships.

One day at a time, and checking in with ourselves is going to be key, allow yourself to dream and open up, but temper that with finding ways to document and implement what you are dreaming up.

Let go of what is making you bored, unfulfilled, hopeless or a victim of any kind. Be Loyal, Be Loving, Be Generous, with yourself first, then gift that to other people around you.

The Solar Eclipse in Aquarius is ushering in more light now, how we gather the new awareness and integrate that into our lives is going to be a potent force for the next couple of years, so go well and move from your heart in all things!

Kym Divine Spark.

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