divine spark



"here we grow"

My name is Kym  

and Divine Spark is an invitation to live Mythically,

and to reclaim our Divine  Wholeness.


Divine Spark launched in 2017, and from here it has grown and reached many people from all over the globe. 

20 years of continuous and ongoing study and experience working in the Professional Coaching, Counselling, Healing and Spiritual growth fields have given me a wide range of experience and helped me to understand what creates meaning and purpose for people.

I believe that everyone has the innate ability to heal themselves and live a full and balanced life that aligns with our core values, once we are given the tools to do so, these important skills should in fact be the first things we are taught as children, and our own individual Soul Spark needs more room to shine!

At Divine Spark we believe in Grounded Spirituality that encompasses each experience of our Human journey and does not bypass the human condition, rather we alchemise pain and chaos into awareness and growth, and show you the ancient tools to better understand the tides of your life and how to navigate them from a place of your own empowered answers and reflections.

Our Toolbox of Transformation!

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* Professional Tarot School

* Professional Coaching

* Fortnightly Podcast

* Mini Online Webinar and Seminars

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We are passionate about the journey of the Soul and reconnecting people back to their Soul Path. Astrology and Gestalt Therapy are also passions we hold.

Look out for the free weekly collective Tarot reading on our FB page and featured on this site also, these are timeless readings and may well hold a message for you right now.

Kym Holds a Diploma in Registered Nursing, Holistic Life Coaching (3 year diploma and 2 year Facilitation Cert) and a diploma in Counselling.

Her unique method of reading and Teaching the Tarot is not only from a Mystical perspective but a Psychological perspective also.


Kym also spent 4 years studying from LifeSuccess Consultants (Bob Proctor)  and LifeMastery (Mary Morrissy) in the USA and holds certifications in both.

Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, Freddy Silva, Jeff Brown, Mary Morrissy and Bob Proctor and many more are all influences we draw from. Kym lives in Dunedin, New Zealand with her Family.

Divine Spark reaches out to all areas of the globe and offers transformation and Love!

Each Divine Spark Service is geared towards healing and self-actualisation and providing a mirror to healing and joy!

We very much look forward to working with you!

Kym x