“I cannot put into words how valuable this experience has been.


But I will try.

Although I had done my own research and had some understanding of the tarot, my understanding was very minimal.

In my humble opinion this course is so thorough you don’t need any understanding to begin, just the Rider Waite tarot card deck, a pen and a journal/book for taking notes.

I would even go so far as to say even if your interest in tarot is minimal

but your drive to heal and grow is high this is a must do!

It has helped me understand life’s patterns, my patterns, others patterns.

I found self worth and a growth in confidence through this very healing journey.

I already had a love of tarot, and now I have a passion that goes so deep I cannot put it into words with a deeper understanding,

and I say that having only touched the surface knowing what’s to come in level 2 will prove there are more and more depth of layers to come.

The soul tribe I had hoped to one day find, this journey has lead me to,

like minded souls, who build each other up in every way through this group is mind blowing, heart warming and such a breath of fresh air to be free to share our experiences knowing it is a safe place to do so.

As for our amazing mummabear Kym and her co facilitator ataahua/beautiful Sez their wisdom, teachings, compassion, passion, support, understanding and so much more makes this process so fulfilling and I HIGHLY recommend being taken in under their Angel wings of wisdom and guidance.

Much love

- Michelle Carroll 2021



what drew me to this offering was Kym, her incredible depth of knowledge & ability to interpret the messages of the cards, her heartfelt authenticity & intuitive accuracy made me think

If I was Ever going to learn Tarot

this is the 1 person I would learn from, then as if a Tohu unfolded Kym opened Level 1!!

I'm not surprised by how much more awareness & growth I have gained by saying yes to this journey, she imparts so much of her wisdom and aroha & so does her beautiful pou & our bonus mum Sarahlee.

I value their integrity and their ability to walk with us through the depths of wisdom that sit within the face of each Tarot card & the extended wisdom of astrology, numerology etc.

I would recommend this foundational level to ANYone at ANY stage of their lives at ANY level of awareness, because it will add value regardless..

so grateful for the soul family I have gained through this as well..

Say Yes! you wont regret it ”


Natalie Edwards 2021



“If you are seeking to gain a higher understanding, as well as a nurturing support system, I highly suggest you take this course

Kym Maree McDonald and cofacilitaor Sarahlee Bragg provide a loving space that will not only help expand your awareness of the tarot but also teach you how to build a relationship with these 78 cards, deepen your connection to the divine, spirit, as well as yourself.

On top of that you get to share this safe space with an inspiring beautiful community filled with women that will also teach you a thing or two.

Providing growth for the mind and the heart

It's truly is an incredibly magical experience."

- Molly Jenson 2021


“I also was part of the Level 1 Foundation Class and I was truly amazed by how much I learnt.

I've always had a love for tarot, although knew very little, and this Class has brought out what has been written in my DNA.

The ladies in my class have become my soul-sistas that we all connect on another level.

Come join the Divine whanau/ family, its definitely a Class you won't want to miss.”

- Joyce Manahi 2021


“If you are interested in learning the depth and wisdom available to you through the tarot, this is the class to take!

I cannot recommend it highly enough! Honestly, it truly has been life changing.

Kym has so much deep wisdom and is an incredible teacher.

Together with co-facilitator Saralee, you will gain so much knowledge and be nurtured as you grow.

So grateful to them both for creating this opportunity.

Completely agree with Michelle when she says, ‘... if your drive is to heal and grow... this is a must do!’

It is an experience of many levels in knowing yourself and as Kym says,

‘we can only take people as deep as we have been ourselves’

as a coach and mentor, this is everything! 

- Erica McCreedy 2021


”I joined the class thinking I was going to learn the meaning of all the tarot cards. But it has been so much more than that. The tarot is so much more than a bunch of cards and a party game.

This journey has been a journey of the soul and the support and love from Kym, Sarahlee, and all the other gorgeous women in this family is absolutely amazing.

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this and recommend it to everybody and anybody.

You will be amazed at what you will learn about yourself and the world around you ”

- Suzanne Duxfield 2021