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The Inner Voice

There is a voice that resides within every living human being.

This voice is not loud, obtrusive or overwhelming, by its very nature it invites rather than demands our conscious attention in moments of clear awareness.

In fact, it is more than a voice.

Intuition may include a feeling, sensation or an inner conversation with ourselves that may be hard to describe to another in words.

This experience that we call intuition is born from a place deep inside us that is beyond our mind, and requires the heart to express its feelings of what is being received and then relay that to our minds via symbols and meaning.

It is the very voice of our Soul, the connection or truth that reveals to us the deeper knowing that we are an individualised expression or Divine Spark of something much greater and as such have access to all information at all times in all ways.

Life is continuously calling to us to draw inward and hear the stirring of our intuition and respond to our outer world so that we may gain a deeper awareness of ourselves and our process within that.

The mind questions, when the heart Knows...the Soul requires us to delve even deeper, and come to a place of "unknowing" a place of transcendence where we leave our limited sense of self behind.

We can begin to live more fully from that inner guidance system that may not always "know" yet has begun to learn to trust that at the exact moment that we are "meant" to receive the guidance we need or idea that will change everything, it will happen, belief is the key that unlocks the mystery, yet belief can be born from knowledge.

Life speaks to us in every moment though our intuition, and the key to accessing our innate connection to all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be, is to become silent and listen but not just with our ears. We begin to listen with our feelings, listening to the subtle changes in our energy in response to our environment or a circumstance that we may be experiencing in any moment.

Our intuition, once it is honored and opened to, becomes the gentle force in our life that opens us to grace and belies any understanding that may be needed by our minds.

Our mind by its very nature, works in separation. Intuition becomes our living and dynamic internal map that guides our journey and joins us to our true home.

Being the source of all, of which we are a part - a Divine Spark!

Learn to trust your inner voice, and learn to listen to what is calling to you, you may well find it is a deeper part of YOU wanting to make itself known.


Divine Spark

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