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The Revolution of an open Heart - Acing our Cups

I recently read the statement...

"when you find your heart you find your way" and it struck me greatly.

Mainly because knowing my own heart has been the pivotal point in my journey, a journey that began very much in my head as I was someone who over analysed everything!

Many people are doing this in life, believing that it is their mind that is their greatest power, that rational thought and thinking logically are a safety net of solving all life's problems. While the mind can be trained by discipline to be strong and focused...until the mind yields to the power of the heart, our existence can be one of constant struggle and force, fighting against life and timing rather than surrendering to what is then moving beyond that from our seat of power. Mind is movement and noise...

Soul is Stillness and Silence and can be accessed directly through an open clear heart.

The heart is the portal to the world beyond, the bridge to the Soul.

When I say the world beyond, I mean the realm of pure potential, what the ancients called the great unseen, in fact everything in this world springs directly from the great unseen, the space between thoughts, the gap between breaths...the realm of All pervasive Stillness and Silence....the void, the Soul.

Yet we must move our conscious awareness beyond our Mind to experience this deeper reality, and gain access to our pure potential and deep creativity, and manifestation.

We are so consumed with our minds, our outer world, what we believe we know and who we believe ourselves to be that we have these beliefs gathered around our hearts like concrete...forming a hard layer of belief that prevents us from evolving and growing beyond that.

We cling so tightly to our beliefs about ourselves and our potential that there is no room for our greater potential to it is meant to do organically.

Moving into a more Heart centered existence is not becoming soft or overly emotional, in fact our emotions move through far more easily in this state, and our minds relax and become more clear rather than cluttered with false beliefs about what we are capable of.

Our heart is our seat of Self Love, of Courage, Fortitude, Compassion, Childlike wonder and Grace...

All the qualities that give us great power within our lives, these qualities can never be experienced through the mind, "experienced" being the operative word.

Mind can only bring conceptualization to these great wonders of human potential, when they are beyond an idea or thought, they are the direct experience of our Soul nature that are expressed through feelings and the awareness of our hearts.

Self Love gives us the ability to love others and find peace. It allows peace of mind and heart. It mirrors the truth of Soul that sees all as whole, our light and our dark, good and bad...for Soul is beyond these dualities yet encompasses both of them. As the symbolism of the Yin and Yang observes. Self Love urges us forward, yearns for growth, expansion and expression of who we truly are, yet we also realise that we are perfect as we are right now...Self Love is true self esteem and transcends ego by a sense of humbleness and gratitude for all we are and may yet become. Courage is the mark of a heart centered existence because it draws upon our inner most strength and belief in a greater purpose and trust in life itself. When you are experiencing courage it stems from a deep feeling of self belief and power within, you literally feel it in your heart. Courage mirrors the truth of Soul by showing us that we are powerful beyond measure...and have choice in every moment, that life will support us when we need it to the most. Fortitude is the determination to stay centered in your inner values and Knowing beyond any experience you may be having, that challenges you. It is a heart quality because once again it will test your strength and belief beyond what you know yourself to be now. This is one of the ways we grow, we need to be pushed beyond our comfort level and current awareness of self to truly know and again experience our unlimited potentials. Fortitude mirrors the truth of Soul with the experience of a higher perception of events beyond what we perceive in the present moment...the mind only sees what is before it...the heart beyond.. and fortitude comes from this place. Compassion is a heart quality that is born from our connection to each other and all in existence. It is felt most strongly when we are going even beyond empathy and experiencing our self As the other, yet without judgment or the need to "fix" the situation or person in that moment, we just "feel" for them. The literal meaning of Compassion is "to suffer with". Compassion mirrors the truth of Soul by showing us that we are all One.

Beyond what our mind perceives as separation in this moment. Childlike Wonder is something we must never loose touch with if we desire to grow beyond our current experience of self and is the exact opposite of what our mind feels comfortable with. The beginners mind requires a letting go of all you "know" in order to open to what may lie as a potential beyond that.

There is always more to learn and experience about everything.

Childlike wonder is a heart quality because there is a sense of joy and wonder in what we are yet to understand, the less we know...the more knowing we open to.

It mirrors the truth of Soul by returning us to our core nature, that is childlike in its innocence, It is this innocence that will lead us to Wisdom and Mastery of self as we are unlimited in our potential and there is always deeper levels of self and life to understand. Grace is a heart quality that allows a force greater than our will to enter our lives. When your heart is open to trust, faith and inner knowing, it opens the door for grace to enter. Grace is beyond the mind because the mind will always cling to the safety of its own devices, Grace can only be experienced once the mind is still and clear. Grace mirrors the truth of Soul with the experience that Life is forever "for" us and working with us, but we can only access that once we sacrifice who we believe ourselves to be in this present moment.

Then whom we are becoming can be born. Synchronicity, Intuition, a sense of being in the flow and miracles are the hallmarks of Grace operating in our lives.

We can all choose to take up Our Cup of Love and begin the Revolution that is contained within our heart....a revolution that will require much of us and from will require us to feel, and experience yourself as you really are authentically, the good the bad and the ugly, and find peace within these experiences.

The rewards from this are integrating more of our Soul qualities into our everyday life from the inside out. Are you ready to claim your personal revolution and the Destiny of you heart?


Divine Spark

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