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The Heroine/Hero's Journey of the Soul

Your inner world is alive, real, vibrant and is speaking to you all the time. We are in complete and utter communion with this deeper and greater awareness of life, many of us have simply forgotten how to listen and hear this sacred and powerful part of our selves.

What Carl Jung referred to as the "Collective Unconsciousness" is the storehouse of our untapped, unexplored potential in this life time, and the key to this our ability to go within...and begin the journey HOME.

Home to ourselves in our most innocent, and pure state.

But why are we called home?

Reflect upon the words of poet T.S. Elliot:

"We shall not cease from exploration.

And the end of all our exploring

will be to arrive where we started

yet to know it for the first time." - T.S. Elliot

We begin this journey of life in innocence, yet it is a primitive innocence, its not until we journey away from that innocence that we can come back to it, and integrate it with the wisdom we have gathered from the journey.

Thus knowing that innocence in its fullness and consciously for the first time.

Our entire being vibrates and resonates with the call from deep within, once we remove all the layers of "noise and movement" that continuously drown this vibratory and evolutionary call out.

The call is an invitation only, a choice, to become more ourselves and to live fully from that place deep within our hearts. This is a mystical marriage of us with us and can be likened to falling in love, in fact we do, we fall more in love with ourselves as we begin to touch a part of ourselves we never ever realised existed let alone experienced.

Yet this is not an ego centered demanding love, this love is born from acceptance of ourselves and compassion for our vulnerability and innocence.

We begin loving each and every part of ourselves, no matter what it is that we find shows up "as" us.

How often do you reach out for yourself, how often do you feel like something or someone is missing in your life.

Only to find that what is truly missing is YOU.

So once we begin to answer this call, we are pulled inward more fully and completely than ever before, and our inner world begins to gradually and powerfully reveal more and more of its secrets, magic and mystery.

This is the path of our authentic self, and leads to strength, empowerment and mastery over the "I" that we believe exists in this world.

The "I" then evolves into more than a concept, more than an individual, fact the "I" relaxes if you like, into the awareness that precedes or is directly beyond the consciousness that we experience as "I"...we become the observer.

Beyond emotion, thought, judgment, perception...only observing.

The human psyche is a part of all of nature, what we see outside ourselves as the rhythms and cycles of nature in the Universe on a macro level, are also at play on our deepest inner levels at the micro level. The observer could be likened to the God within, that greater aspect of us that simply is.......doesn't require any more from us than awareness of its existence. From this vantage point, we begin to expand greatly...out into all areas of life.

We don't suddenly cease to exist in this world as the "I"....the "I" simply begins to know its place, and doesn't scream so loudly because there is now a more authentic presence in our lives...the true US, the God within.

That is connected to all life, all love and all peace....a peace that is beyond all understanding from our minds vantage point, yet needs no such understanding in our hearts...only space to grow and evolve.

So passes our Soul on the mythological journey of our psyche on its way to self actualisation and authenticity within this life....that takes the story of our lives to this point and rewrites it as the journey of the hero, how we have triumphed, overcome, loved, hurt, battled and experienced ourselves in each moment.

Yet not from the perspective of a victim of life or circumstance, instead from a place of observation, and compassion, from here, the greatest journey of all begins - from Innocence to Betrayal.

Most people never give mythology a second thought beyond the occasional wonderment of God's and Goddess's or remembering back to childhood when hero's, Dragons, Mystery and Magic was an acceptable and real part of everyday life as a child.

So what benefit to your life could an inner mythological journey bring you in everyday life?

Your personal mythology could be seen as your story, or the story of your life as you perceive it up until this point in time.

The journey you have had and how you have navigated all of life's trials and tribulations to bring you to a place of knowing yourself more fully. We all have a life story, and that story has much meaning to it, in fact, we are incredibly attached to our story, we even believe it to be a true representation of who we are, but what if it's only a fraction of that?

When we begin to view our life mythically, we are called into a deeper or more expanded way of seeing ourselves both within and beyond that story we tell ourselves and each other. There are some common elements found in each persons story no matter what their background or belief system, and when we really begin to become aware of this profound nature of our inner world. We begin to hit upon something so profound that is can literally stop us in our victim mentality train of thought,

"there is only one story" and we are all living out aspects of the ONE story

This does not mean that we are living the same lives as one another, not at all, yet as I said before, if we explore the common themes that weave their magical ways through all of our lives...we begin to sense something much bigger than us at play here.

Beginning from Innocence - we are born into this world in innocence and complete trust of life

Wounding and betrayal - we are all wounded by life as our innocence is broken.

The leaving - we are called beyond the family, structures and beginnings to find ourselves in the world

The search - we begin to search for whom we are, and what has meaning for us

Tests and Trials - Life by its very nature tests us to show us to ourselves

Annihilation - (of the ego self being the supreme power in our lives) we fail, fall down, face a death of our old selves and ways of being

Appearance of the Ally - when the student is ready, the teacher appears, we also begin to have the realisation that life will provide us with what we need the moment we need it, in the form of support from others or personal insights to move us forward. We begin to see that life itself is our greatest ally once we connect more fully with ourselves within.

Realisation of personal power - we realise we are powerful and can be at cause in our lives through taking responsibility for everything that shows up and being at choice.

Integration - we begin to integrate all we have learned through all of our experiences, both painful and joyful. We let go of being the victim of these experiences and begin to take the learning from them, we put this new learning to the test

The return - We return to our life grown up, wiser and more ourselves...knowing ourselves more fully, and trusting that.

Testing the new consciousness - our new awareness of ourselves is more fully stretched and can accommodate challenges from a place of power and awareness.

Redemption/Union - we feel the battles and failures have been worth it as we now have more gifts to share with others

Return to the world - we begin to act, work, come from a place of service, directly as a result of the journey we have taken.

Not all of us move through each and every one of these doors of consciousness within our lives.

Many do not.

Yet those of us that continue to answer what is calling to us in each of these initiations begins to add their own spirit of the quest to the countless infinite humans that have given birth to their innate potential at any given point in our history.

We join the ranks of the few...and yet...become in service to the many as a result.

So give your own personal mythology a second thought...

realise that your potential is more than some abstract concept,

it is the very quest of your soul within this life.

Join me as we ride this trail together, see yourself in me and me in you....

and we will have unlocked one of the deepest mysteries of life, how truly connected and magical we really are.


Divine Spark

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