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Divine spark

The Mythos of Tarot

As seen through the eyes of the Ancient Celtic Druids

Journey with us through the Wheel of the year
and the tides of life....
featuring "The Wild Wood Tarot"
- Wherein Wisdom Resides.
By Mark Ryan and John Matthews
Illustrated by Will Worthington. 

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Living with Mythos

The Druidic wheel of the year begins with

IMBOLC - 1-2nd August NZT

The first movement of the new tide...

Our first movement on the yearly wheel begins at Imbolc and it is now in our Divine Spark community that we will begin the deeper connection to the natural ways.. the deeper calls within us and the more ancient tides that call us home to ourselves..

The cross quarter Imbolc

The first new moon post Imbolc - 1-2nd August in the Southern Hemisphere.

We enter the realm of the Ancestor (the Hierophant) our inner nature and simultaneously the time of the Pole star (the star) outwardly.

The Ancestor both guardian and guide the Ancestor is the gatekeeper of the deeper knowledge of the wheel of life and it’s turnings. The Primal voice of our hearts true and enduring connection to Nature and the Natural world that we turn from, in our ego based needs.

It is the time of Arrows-between Imbolc 1-2nd August  and Beltane 1st November NZT

Outwardly The Pole Star- Currently Polaris, remains a fixed point in our sky reminding us to stay true to our path as we venture and reminds us that we are always intrinsically linked to the universal mind and heart of creator.

The seed of Life lays dormant in the Death of Winter… yet is sung back into expression by the Imbolc tides of creation and energies



The Time of Arrows - Swords -The Mind

The cross quater festival and movement between Imbolc 1st August and Beltane 1st November NZT

The unconsious Wanderer becomes the Archer.....

The Shaman- Magic Protection and insight.

We learn to apply our magic with intent! Merlin as teacher and adept. The walker between world.

The Archer - Inward movement

The time of the air illumination and and rising of the sap of new life.

New life is birthed now from our unconsious state of mind moves us into action to place our lifeforce energy into alignment with our goals and aims.

Free your own Arrows of desire with purpose and destiny!

The Stag - Outward movement

Each of our movements and actions create responsibilites. We learn we are responsible for our actions, we are free to choose not free from the consequences of our actions! When we loose our will upon life, life will respond in kind, and sacrifices that we will have to make in due coarse will always be the balancing factor.

Right Action and Just reward! We must be aware of the consequences of all action now.




BELTANE 1st November  NZT

The Time of Bows - Wands -The Spirit

The Union of two energies coming together to create a third, rites of spring, sacred gateway to Summer....

Finding the balance between The Bow, and the Arrow, Fire and Air.

The Willing interchange of energy that creates the fertile consciousness.

The Forest LoversThe Male and Female Union creating the Divine Spark of Life

Roots and Branches, Blessed Unions, Friendship, The polar balance of Soul, Desire, Eternal Love, The Sacred Vows.

Ace of Bows (Ace of Wands) - Inward movement

The inner Spark of Life, The kindling of a flame sparks the light and warmth in our lives. The Drill Bow suggests the human element, our partnership with the environment in which we live and the mastery of its gifts! Skill and reverance for all tasks and life is engaged and reawoken.

Balance - (Temperance- Saggitarius) Outward movement

Between Air (Gemini- Lovers) and Fire (Aries - Personal Will)

Intertwining and yet indepedant forces at work in your life. In our own lives and as a partner balance is improtant and needs room to evolve beyond our personalities. Change is the evolutionary movement towards balance.

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