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Welcome! You now have the Webinar Workbook in PDF version to download and Divine Spark will be in touch with you shortly to send you your personal link to the access only Recorded Webinar.


Our Brand New Webinar series for 2022

“Rise Woman - The Spiral Path”

Our Ancient Spiral Embodiment path.

Reclaiming and embodying our feminine divinity, potentiality and Centre.

Never before has the call been so strong!

Never before has there been so much need all at once!

Never before has the evolutionary force squeezed us so tightly!

Never before have we been more Spiritually prepared and Readied!

It is beyond time in 2022 to embody fully the Spiral path home to the Mother Goddess of all creation .. she has been waiting what seems like an eternity for Our return.. and this is the year!

2022 the Year of Soul

This Time we rise together

Are you with us?


The Inner Spiral Path
RE-establishes our connection to the ancient and sacred pathway, back to the centre of our intuitive and instinctual Feminine self.
From here we move differently in our world and more fully align with natural flow, vitality and health.

In our current experience of life we need to be Initially at least, coaxed, guided and often lead back to this path as we begin to discern the difference between our natural inner experience and the paradigms and conditioning of the patriarchal structures we all live under.

An Ancient Potent energy awaits us at the centre of the Spiral  and has gently called to us in a way a mother gently and not so gently calls her child back to safety and home.

Our Spiral centre aligns us with all other Spiral Centres, in Nature, Creation, and Divine source, from this place all is made whole and Renewed.
The fountain of Wisdom, Health, Creativity and Vitality move from this place, as well as a nurturing Guidence that awaits our recognition. 

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Rise Woman 1 - Ancient Spiral Path

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