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You will leave this powerful workshop with the ability to

* understand the eclipse journey as a dragon quest.

* locate which area of your life will change?

* understand the collective story change.

* learn the archetypes of the next 3 years.

* deep dive into the energies of our times.

* see more clearly into the energies of the next 6 months.


- Evolutionary Astrology dives deep into the Soul frequencies at work during major collective cosmic events such as eclipses.

The moon phases leading up to the Aries-Scorpio-Libra Eclipses and the upcoming Sept-October Eclipses are vital energetic marker points that are requiring our attention.

To make best use of the energies that are present during this time, we must understand their impact on our lives individually and collectively.


This workshop will inform you of the personal and collective shifts that are in the process of taking place and what it will mean for you.

Once you have made payment you will receive your 2 hour Workshop Video via messenger or here on the site.


You will leave with a much more profound understanding of what eclipses are and how they will continue to affect your life.

On Monday 8th May I will be releasing a Brand New Astrology Eclipse chart reading to the community and anyone who purchases this Workshop will receive a $20 discount on that reading once it is released.



Esoteric Astrology Eclipse Workshop -Aries/Scorpio/Libra 2023.

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