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Yule – the battle between the light and the dark

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

20th June to 23rd June – Midwinter Solstice

As we approach midwinter in the Southern hemisphere, I wanted to continue on our archetypal journey that involves aligning our inner nature with Nature,

as the cycle of the year turns again in an eternal motion, this time moving into darkness in order to move again into the light.

June 21st marks the Midwinter Solstice, the longest night and the shortest day.

This marker in the seasons signals to a deeper part of both our brains and our natures that we are born from darkness, into the world of light.

At Yule we are invited back into the void or womb of our beings, in readiness for a more outward phase of growth and renewal.

All things are conceived, gestated and readied for transition of birth in the darkness.

Rather than viewing this as negative or bad, we are invited into a timelessness that allows for a deeper experience of the great benefits that slowing down, drawing inwards and being still for a time bring to us into balance.

In the ancient Celtic traditions of which I find my ancestral line, this was a time of honouring the battle of the Oak King, who ruled the time between mid Winter to Mid Summer,

(move towards light ) and the Holly King who ruled the time from Mid Summer to Mid Winter. (move towards darkness)

The God of Summer and Light being the Oak King, overcomes the Holly King being the God of Darkness, until they do battle again at Summer Solstice.

This is a representation of the light and darkness within us all, we are born from darkness, created in a void, the inward flow of Yin, and birthed into the light of life, the world, an outward flow of Yang.

These understandings of our holistic nature were beyond ideas of good and bad, right and wrong, god and devil that would usurp our worldview with the dualistic belief system of religion and Christianity that followed.

They remind us that we are an never ending dance of both, one emerging from the other and in constant change and movement.

Our inner nature is the same.

Our ideas, thoughts, and creations are all governed by the law of gestation, which states there is an innate timing to all things, and there is no such reality as inertia.

We are either in the process of creation, or the process of dying, and both are honored

But what bearing can this have for us in our modern world that values life over death, movement over stillness and light over darkness?

The womb of Winter that we are about to enter honors the slower more incubatory side of our nature.

We can rest comfortably in hibernation conserving our energy and allowing great energy, ideas, and dreams to sit for a time within us, allowing them to be fully formed and enriched with the reflection of Soulfulness rather than the still to come Spirit of Movement.

This is a refinement and a final act of Love for who we are before the birth of who we may yet become moves us into action once our inner season turns.

So take time during this Yule tide to honor the tides of life that work below your conscious awareness within you.

Release the desire to be in constant activity, and allow yourself time to harmonise with the seasons of life, for they have much to remind us of our true and innate natures.


Divine Spark

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