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Trust - the intimacy of self

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

A deeper level of trust in and of life...

Life is in constant movement, and has certain rhythms and cycles that effect us all on our most deepest levels.

We are constantly moving in and out of various life phases and transitions that are meant to evolve and enrich our experience of life and ourselves, yet many become stuck mentally and emotionally within a phase and never move beyond it.. this shows up as stagnation and limits our potential, while dimming our Divine Spark!

We cling mentally to an idea of how we are supposed to act, feel, show up to ourselves and each other, and ignore the inner alarm clock that is prompting us to let go of whom we were and grow into whom we are becoming.

We can become aware of this principal in our every day life and it can help us to let go of things having to be a certain way before we may find peace.

True peace can only be found at the center of ALL things, not despite all things.

The center is where we find balance, harmony and health.

Our Centre is where we find an intimacy with ourselves and all of life.

So, can you find peace in the middle of chaos or destruction or pain?

It may be as simple as letting go of "trying" to force yourself to feel a certain way about something and simply dropping into the truth of exactly how you feel in that moment.

The key is not to attach that feeling to any person or event, not to project that feeling on to another person or event, but to simply honor your feeling of it.

When you allow this state of non-judgment, you invite in a greater understanding of self, you begin to experience life from your center, because all we ever truly have control over is how we respond to those feelings thoughts or event, we cannot control other people.

You may begin to realize that you are moving through a natural process of growth that may not be fully realized in any other way than the way it is in this moment occurring.

"Let go and Let God" opens your heart to not having to understand all that is happening in chaos or confusion and allows a new perspective to be born from it.

Life is calling to us in each passing moment to move beyond our current experience and expression into a more fuller more alive experience and expression.

Within this, we touch our infinity, and we become truly intimate with our own inner world. Before we can know and experience true intimacy with another we must be capable and able to touch and open to this intimacy within ourselves.

This is the very nature of life itself and I believe a process to be deeply honored and more fully integrated as we mature and grow.

Inner work and exploration are vital to intimacy,

and true intimacy is vital to a full and rich human experience,

without it we never feel fully alive.

Connection is what we crave at our deepest level,

and without it we fall into disease and destruction .. we cease to grow.

Our Divine Spark Tarot readings, Coaching sessions and Retreat weekends are purposefully designed to begin the process of deep intimacy with self, and then others

- life.

It is only from intimacy that trust can truly form and take root in our lives.

Keep a lookout on this site and Facebook page for our upcoming events!


Divine Spark

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