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The Winds of Change

"The desire to know your own Soul will end all other Desires." - Rumi.

The winds of change via a Tower moment can blow away all that is not needed for our Soul's evolution in a moment of time.

Some would say that our Soul is unknowable, unfathomable, and unreachable by our minds.

Yet there is a direct communication, a call if you like, from our Soul that continuously moves us in to action and through life, if we are open to it and able to perceive its language.

The language of our Soul is symbol and meaning.

This becomes clear when we are "called" to do something or view an event or situation in a way that may go against what our minds perceive as logical,

A few years ago an event happened in the life of my family that had the potential to change everything as we knew it. It rocked our foundation and caused us to sit up and take notice of everything we hold dear.

One of our close knit family was diagnosed with Cancer. It is in moments such as this that I believe, Soul is directly moving and you recognise Soul through events or circumstances that test you to your limit, cause you to question everything, and move you deeply beyond what your mind believes as reasonable.

I found myself full of mixed emotion and many questions.

Not any questions I wanted answers too, finding an answer at those times feels like it would dishonor and conceptualise something that I believe is way beyond anything I could believe or accept in this moment...maybe Soul is inviting us all to move beyond what we know about Life and Love in this a place beyond answers or what we know to be true.

It is also said that in any given moment our Soul moves through our life beyond the duality of good bad, right wrong, and everything in between.

Soul is whole and as such does not judge or choose an experience based on these polarities of our minds and reasoning.

Immediately we can have one of many responses to this, searching for meaning, searching for answers, searching for understanding, even searching for blame.

While these are natural forms of our minds need to control and feel safe, they can lead us to a place of confusion and chaos..exactly where we are meant to be. It is the search itself that leads us directly into Soul.

Our minds in their limited sense of perception, hold a purpose in our local awareness of life. Most people try to battle their minds, when in fact our mind only requires acknowledgement and awareness. Just like our feelings.

In fact the two are intrinsically linked, as you will know if you have ever read a self development book these days, our thoughts create our feelings, but here's something I have also discovered through my work as a healer and coach, our feelings create our thoughts.

This is a feedback loop that we must continue to step out of if we are to evolve and grow.

Step out of to re evaluate, if that is who we truly are, who we wish to show up as or how we wish to continue to experience life.

The real interesting part here is that those feelings and thoughts actually create how we "experience" any event or situation in our lives, and those experiences for all intents and purposes are are we.

Which brings us back to opening up to our Soul realm, which we reach funnily enough through non judgment of our local thought and creative feeling realms.

The trap in which we continuously can become stuck in is when we judge ourselves based on what we are thinking or feeling, and thus experiencing any given event, no matter how dark or scary our thoughts become.

What would it be like to just allow everything that comes as a result of this chaos, surrendering too it with faith that it is bringing us out at a whole new level of awareness...

in its own time...yep our minds don't like that prospect at all.

This is where discipline, not judgment comes in. If we believe that life in its essence is intelligent and "for" us...we are invited into a new way of experiencing ourselves in that life from that moment forward.

This does not mean to undervalue or shut our thoughts and feelings down, it will do quite the opposite.

All these subtle feedback responses require is acknowledgement, notice I do not say understanding- that will lead you to make things good bad right or wrong again..not helpful.

If we can allow ourselves to remain open to life, to ourselves and all around us by honoring exactly what is showing up, whether it is comfortable to us or not, we will grow within the experience through and with each other and life.

We do not become victims that sit back and wait for life to do with us as it will, we take all the action we feel inspired to take, just not from a place of fear all the time, but from a place of trust and openness.

Will we come to know an aspect of life and our own Soul through these events?

Maybe..right now I believe we must honor the event, ourselves within that and each other. What if that is the most sacred knowing of all?


Divine Spark

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