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The Divine Mother Archetype

Mother - the word itself speaks to us as a bridge to the beyond, the candle of our Divine Spark!

Mother delves well beneath the mind and straight into the heart, by her very nature.

She is the very first experience of life that every new born baby encounters,

Mother builds a bridge between the dimension of soul we come from and this world that we are born into, she is a portal and star gate to the before and creation itself.

As a universal archetype Mother is common to every single being born into this life, we all have a mother, we are all involved in relationship with the reality that is Mother.

Even if that relationship does not show up how we expect or need it to.

Men also carry the archetype of mother as a part of their being, within their ability to give birth to their innate potential, their ability to nurture, the expression of their compassion these are all gifts of the energy of Mother that we may all embody if we become aware of this force of nature within us.

The archetype of Mother is one of giving birth, of nourishment, of receptive openness,

Mother embodies the very core of nature itself, we call the earth our Mother because of the natural laws and rhythms that are displayed and given to us as our birthright on this planet.

We have all our needs met on this great earth, in ways we are only just scratching the surface of, all given with Love in service to our journey.

Which may be the most profound gift of the mother that we receive from this universal archetype and this gift extends well beyond Mother being a person.

This may be one of the keys to our largest experience of mother that is calling to us to open too and embrace.

There is also a shadow of Mother that we can become aware of and recognise as the wholeness and truth of this divine beauty, for this too teaches us lessons we require.

The shadow of a smothering, fear filled experience where love becomes captive and over protective, rather than trusting in the mother of life to offer the full experience of the journey to its children.

Mother becomes caught up in the "I" instead of releasing her children to life itself, this is the greatest love of all, letting go so they can grow.

Life is full of pain that we are not able nor are we meant to protect our children from, if they are to fully embrace their journey, of wholeness and integration of self of which we are but a sacred part of.

Beyond a singular mother entity, Mother in its dimensions becomes a fuller expression, and not bound to any one person, although any one person who is our mother is still honored greatly.

The Mother or feminine polarity that is at the core of the life experience itself is opened too, and we begin to trust that we will be nurtured, loved, cared for by life itself in every moment, more than any single person has the capacity to give us, in this way, we honor our mothers in every form and actually set them free.

As we begin to open to this deeply seated archetype of Mother within us all, we heed the call from its gifts, integrate our own shadow through the Mothers shadow, and realise ourselves as part of this life that has the polarities of mother and father to show us our duality, so that we may transcend them and become self actualised and self aware.

To fully realise ourselves as part of our Mother yet beyond her also is true freedom.

The gift of Mother on this journey is to lead us to freedom within ourselves, to give us a patterned reality of feminine love so that we may love, nurture, and have compassion for ourselves first, as a direct reflection of the love we receive from Mother outside of us, whether that be person or life itself as mother.

Honor all things Mother in your life right now, however they are showing up, recognize this deeply seated archetype is a gateway to the Divine in us all.

And as always...honor your journey within that.


Divine Spark

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