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The Call to Adventure

At this very moment of time, as in all moments, life is calling to us.....

Calling for us to know ourselves more fully, beyond any thought, feeling or experience that we may hold in our awareness as a belief of "who we are".

To open completely to this experience, we may be asked to let go of our Story, the story of our life and our part in that story.

What more profound and beautiful adventure could there be.

We see this journey we take mirrored in all the mythological stories and themes that have been handed down to us for eons....Star Wars, Lord Of The Rings, The Tarot, The ancient Myths of Gods and Goddesses, Legends and fairy tales are all representations of the journey.

Are we aware of this call deep within? Do we allow ourselves to become still enough, and become completely present to ourselves for long enough to heed this call?

"Many are called, but few are chosen."

one interpretation of this philosophical statement could be that we are all called into the adventure of becoming our authentic selves, called by our Soul.

Our Soul does not distinguish between our shadow and light, its movements are always towards wholeness and growth and so will continue to show us whom we truly are through both our dark and our light, sides of our natures until that precious moment in which we drop beyond both these dualities and realise we are both.......and neither.

"few are chosen" relates directly to the few who become still and present enough to not only hear this part of their reality, but actually answer this call. Answering the call to authenticity changes everything. Authenticity comes at a price, the price of change, death, and rebirth, yet this price could be much less than continuing to live a half-life of struggle, fear and disharmony fighting against who we truly are.

The feeling of being in constant conflict with why we are here, and what we have to offer this world, living someone else's life....our mothers, fathers, societies or even a life that doesn't make sense to us anymore....a life we have outgrown.

We tend to hold on to this life, and even defend it to the death....the very death of our authentic self, only because it has become our status quo for so long that we have come to believe the very lie of it in our own hearts.

From a higher vantage point, it is a very small part of who we are, a mask we have put on long ago, yet a mask that has attached itself to our spirit with the glue of fear and distrust of delving deeper into the unknown parts of us.

The parts we deny, run from and are ashamed of, yet it is in the reclaiming and compassion for ourselves as these dark aspects of our wholeness that actually hold the key to truly knowing our light....our light becomes more radiant against our darkness.

So heeding the call of the adventure towards Authenticity is an exhilarating and mystical experience.

What is our part in this?

How do we hear and then heed this call?

Become still Become silent and present. Be prepared to let go of every truth we currently hold about ourselves, life and truth itself...even the lofty spiritual truths we have studied or read, or been conditioned to believe through upbringing.

These are just starting points and we were never meant to dwell in their constrictions, we are meant to find a myth or story that we can become ALIVE through, that offers us meaning, understanding, guidance and Truth, a Truth that evolves WITH AND THROUGH US!

Because in reality, truth evolves and does our consciousness once we break the hardened shell of the mask we have been wearing as "me".

Listen with your whole being, there is a calling on your life... Be still, and find yourself......and then realise you are in involved in a journey taken by many many before you, in pursuit of our deepest potential and truest natures, then you will have begun to answer the very call of life itself.


Divine Spark

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