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The Balance

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

“The goal of Life is to make your heartbeat match the heartbeat of the Universe, to match your nature with Nature.” Joseph Campbell

In our busy lives filled with so many distractions, imbalances of Mind, Body and Spirit could it be that we are missing the easiest way to reconnect ourselves, and to life itself?

Have we forgotten or become blind to one of the keys of life that is right in front of our eyes.

Further more, if we honored both our inner and outer experience, and the greater experience as a whole, could we begin to simplify our lives and live more authentically?

On a whole we have become out of tune with Nature the Universe and our expanded selves.

We seek for knowledge of these things and are drawn to what they may mean,

yet never see them as a greater expression of the true potential within ourselves.

Yet that is precisely what they are.

The cause of most of every imbalance in our lives, from physical, mental and spiritual dis-ease in the individual, and that of our entire world is being disconnected to that source of who and what we truly and fully are, the state of awareness that makes wholeness possible.

Our True Nature IS Nature!

Most people on our planet celebrate rituals such as Easter, Christmas etc., without a true understanding of the ritual they are involved in, or how important rituals are to the human psyche (Greek name for Soul)

In ancient times Summer rituals were in harmony with the season, and the Winter rituals again drew awareness directly from the environment or season we were in, there is much wisdom to be mined from drawing a deeper experience of life directly from the world around us.

These ritual experiences as a collective have the power to harmonise us to not only ourselves but one another and even beyond.

For example, rather than forcing the ritual of Yule (Christmas) upon a Summer season that is its direct opposite, for consumerism and social purposes we can honor and align with the season we are in and draw strength and awareness from that experience.

Thankfully for us the Universe itself continues as it always has to hold that balance, but are our minds and hearts aligned with the meanings of each season and cycle and its direct relation to our inner world?

Do we open to the energy of life as it shifts and changes and moves, because whether we know if or acknowledge it or not it is deeply affecting us.

Do we surrender to life’s seasons or do we try to hold them at bay or ignore them completely?

Big questions maybe, and very easy ones to dismiss and never recognise the importance of asking them.

Collectively we do celebrate distinct parts of the year and we could get into debate of all the Christian feasts and celebrations that have usurped the earlier pagan traditions such as Yule=Christmas, yet we need to come to a greater understanding of why ritual could be important.

Ritual and celebration hold extreme power for our minds spirit and Soul both as individuals and as a collective, if we become more aware of the rituals we are involved in and inject more meaning and purpose into them, then they suddenly become alive and available to us as a form of manifestation and knowledge of life…

a direct experience of the power and potential within us

– what if ritual could cause us to experience that

and not just a time worn habit that we do because we have always done it.

We need to become way more smart than that blind following. Honoring and aligning with our seasons and the rituals that we can harness within them directly could be a powerful form of transformation in our lives.

This is the place where survival grows into meaning, where knowledge evolves to direct experience!

In following the paths our ancestors laid down for us, we begin a sacred journey of the Soul, an Imamura into a deeper world than the one we know, a world that is beyond time and space, a place our ancients not only knew, but rooted their consciousness so deeply in, that they opened to an expanded sense of themselves and their place in the Universe.

They engaged powerful forces that could only be accessed through being aligned with Nature herself, and it was pure, simple and lead by Love and Understanding…if that calls to your Spirit then follow me into the world of Beyond…

We will follow a knowledge from ancient worlds and times that is meant to spark your own innate remembering within yourself, your own inner power and strength to endure, to fortify and strengthen your mind, clear and open your heart, and allow more Soul force into your everyday feel more alive and connected than you have ever been.

For some people it would be easy to disregard this as a waste of time, or not scientifically based or proven….humans have accessed and harnessed our own innate power long before our modern version of science arrived to try to make sense of things that cannot be made sense of by our limited brains. They knew that we belong to a realm of Spirit and Soul where things are not meant to be explained, only experienced directly and integrated as part of our journey of knowing ourselves more fully.

Life it seems may have held our evolutionary keys right in front of our eyes, awaiting again the moment we stop and recognise them for what they are. Through ritual.

The changing of the seasons, the movement of the moon, right there, for eons….showing us who we really are and better yet, what our potential could yet be, once acknowledged, understood harnessed and honoured… if you feel moved go beyond yourself, in reconnection to Life and our true potential.


Divine Spark

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