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Moon Cycles and our inner world

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

“As above so below, as within so without, as the Universe so the Soul”

– Hermes Trismegistus

The moon influences many parts of our inner life, and is eternally in relationship to the

Sub-Conscious deeper aspects of our mind and spirit. We are made up of approximately 80% water, and as such have a pull on us from the Moon in the same way the tides of the oceans ebb and flow in alignment with the moons transits in our sky.

But why is this important in a world where we are less in touch with the natural world than we ever have been, and what could change if we regain this knowledge and wisdom for today?

Since ancient times those in tune with nature and the greater turnings of life and seasons have regarded the Moon as a dominant influence in the life of humanity, both in terms of our own inner workings, and in measuring time, female menstrual cycles, seasons and the natural world.

Today we may be vaguely aware of how the moon works in our lives, we get the feeling that a full moon brings all the “loonies” out, and influences the oceans, but we can be missing a powerful long forgotten knowledge of Moon Influence and how we can align ourselves to it to bring in more power meaning and understanding to our everyday lives.

The moon literally rules our Sub-conscious, the part of our mind that is deep, emotional, Soul filled and mostly hidden from our every day conscious awareness.

Our minds are not only affected by the fullness of the moon, but by the other phases as well, and the understanding of these phases and their impact upon our minds can lead us into a more holistic view of ourselves and our true nature.

Every 28 days the moon goes through phases of both Waxing and Waning and reminds us we are forever in motion and never static, the nature of life itself is birth and death-waxing and waning, it is a law of the Universe.

Three days is the normal measure of each phase with the actual phase being the middle day, and the day before and that day after being still full of its influence.

The Full Moon is full maturity, the Tree is full of fruit and ready for harvest: It represents peak ability, the “high tide” of our inner power.

Everything is amplified and comes to fruition. Harvest and culmination are its energies.

The absorbing and generating of energy is at its peak.

Waning Gibbous is the first phase of the waning full moon, the fruit is becoming over ripe and beginning to break down: this can be a time of letting go, physical activities, celebration, release, and clearing.

Waning Quarter Moon, the seed is drawn from the decaying fruit: is a time of drawing out, loosing weight, changing habits, releasing negativity, cleaning house inwardly and outwardly are all greater potentials at this phase.

Dark Moon is the death phasethe fruit and the tree has died and only the seed remains: three days directly before the New Moon is when the moon is no longer visible, the void or “no-space/nothingness” here we can honor that experience in ourselves, it can be freeing to feel nothing, to think nothing, to believe nothing…to enter the void from whence all is created out of, this is the phase of mysteries, going deep within, discover and uncover what may be hidden within or without.

New Moon is the Birth phase – the seed is planted: New beginnings, new ideas, New ways of perceiving self or the world are at their peak now. A building and gathering of energy, initiation and the start of things.

Waxing Quarter Moon – the soil is robust for the seed and the first shoots begin to show: establishment, building and solidifying. increase of commitment and care to self and projects begun at the New Moon.

Waxing Gibbous – the tree produces blossoms and has fast accelerated growth that is obvious. This is the phase of progress, expansion, evolution blossoming and increased resources. and again we are at the Full Moon.

I’ve used the analogy of the seed and the tree to demonstrate how our minds contain the seeds of ideas, dreams, goals and potentials, and each phase of the moon has a different impact upon these due to the law of gestation and growth.

This is the map of creation and manifestation of our potential and world.

If the moon grows and dies each month in an eternal dance of creation and dissolution, then maybe we do the same inwardly in subtle yet powerful ways that we are not even aware of.

Maybe an awareness of this can help us to better understand that inner world of ours that we give the least amount of attention too throughout our busy outward focused lives.

Why is this important?

When you consider that fact that almost every expert in the mind and the human potential has concluded that, our behavior, our emotions and our thoughts are all governed from within.

That our core belief system and Self Image are held within our Sub conscious minds and to change anything we must first delve more deeply into our world within, and understand its workings and how to navigate them. Understanding the phases of the Moon gives us a direct map, or experience of how to do this, while also realising again that we are the microcosm to the macrocosm, as above so below.

The Universe it seems, has given us all we ever need to re-cognise ourselves through the never ending cycles of life death and rebirth.

Understanding why this is important could be the first step in accessing the power of our minds and creative ability.


Divine Spark

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