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Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The universal laws of manifestation

The magician- Becoming the dream.

“All things requisite”

One of the many universal laws we enact during the process of conscious manifestation has been almost completely dismissed or overlooked by most modern day teachers and thus students of conscious creative manifestation.

As we work with an idea, dream or strong desire we will attract all things required or “all things requisite” for our manifest reality to start to come into alignment with our now increasing vibratory rate.

For the vibration of the seed (dream) to manifest in this reality of matter.(our liner now moments in time and space)

Most people are unconscious in their manifestation process and that’s why they are misunderstanding this very basic yet exacting law. We are continuously manifesting something yet most of what shows up is not to our liking.. until we start to become aware of and align with these important universal laws.

“All things requisite” is a clearing out process, and a foundational element of the manifestation process.

The intelligence that governs manifestation is beyond our mind and is actually at the level of our Soul force, the mind is merely the container that helps the heart birth this Soul force into life.

The root chakra kundalini activation is a huge part of this momentum and is a purging process that works on the levels of structure security and foundations of our lives and appears to have a destructive effect in our lives before it can recalibrate us fully to the vibration that our dream is already alive and existing on.

Once we have set a clear intention in our mind .. visualised the dream as a waking reality, and then infused that with an inordinate amount of clear emotion of how it will feel to obtain our dream (as if we already are experiencing it in this now moment)

That marriage of head and heart causes us to begin to vibrate at a different level.. we begin to vibrate at the level of our manifest intention, and as part of that process will naturally attract to us “All things requisite” in the form of experiences and knowledge to clear us of blocks and fear that hold us bound to powerlessness and ignorant to our creative potential.

“All things requisite” can even appear to be negative experiences that our unconscious mind needs to become consciously aware of in order to purge our manifestation vessel of those beliefs or ideas and increase our vibratory rate.

When we consciously enter into the realm of manifestation we are drawing on the universal laws of nature that govern the mind, and all of existence.

If we are not creating we are going backwards in our life.. in the universe there is no such reality as inertia .. everything is in constant motion and vibration.

The magi were the high initiates of these universal forces within the mystery schools of ancient times and hence where we get the term magician.

The tarot key of the magician shows clearly that we are in the process of drawing the divine down into matter (the pointing of his fingers) or bringing spirit into form.

What’s directly in between the divine and matter? …the human heart..

The heart is the vessel of transmutation of the lower aspects of our personality into the higher aspects of our divine creative abilities.

1 – the tarot key is when we moved into the realm of manifestation from the instinct and into the higher mind..

We use our human will and desire to draw forth life force energy into existence.

Yet we are now, since 2012 learning to manifest from the heart. This is a very different path we are on and one that is requiring a purging and release of all that we hold in our hearts at many levels both karmic and genetic before we can manifest the world we are needing and wanting to create.. both personally and collectively.

So All things requisite comes to enable that.

Trust the process of manifestation as a holy transformation of who we are.. not just what we desire ♥️


Divine Spark

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