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From Innocence to Betrayal – Our soul journey

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The Heroines/Hero's Journey of the Soul.

At birth we are all invited to journey into the fullness of the human experience, to integrate all aspects of our being and alchemise the lead of our Unconscious Psyche into the Gold of Gnosis or Self Actualisation, bringing more of our Souls essence into this material realm. Most people by nature of their unconscious blocks and traps of ego, conditioning and fear only progress so far, our goal is to bring as much of that Soul force into this life, to fulfill as much of our Divine Potential as we can before we leave….and do it all over again.

We are born into this life as an open book, pure consciousness, innocent and vulnerable, fresh from spirit and wholeness. Our conscious mind has not yet developed to its full capacity, a capacity in which we can reason with emotions or information that we are experiencing ourselves or are being presented to us from our outside environment.

The conscious development of our reasoning mind is beginning to complete at around the age of 7 years old. Until this age, we are completely open and receiving all the information from our environment without the protection of wisdom and experience, to know it as truth or untruth. These core beliefs become embedded in our sub-conscious minds and begin laying the foundations for how we will experience life from then on.

At our very core Soul level our innocence is alive and intelligent, yet we do not know ourselves beyond this innocent and naïve view of life. We have not yet put these Soul qualities to the test or tested our own strengths and weaknesses. We are unfulfilled potential yet have all we need to fulfill that potential within this life.

We have to journey into shadow, into broken-ness and betrayal for us to truly experience our greatness and reclaim that innocence as the truth of whom we are, well beyond the betrayal or pain of those experiences that we moved through. In short we need to be tested, our Soul craves the experience of being alive and all that has to bring.

It doesn’t take long for life to bring to us the experiences we require on a soul level to become hurt, and betrayed. Because we can be surrounded by others, parents, siblings, family, society who have never had the chance to heal these betrayals within themselves, they can so easily be projected on to our innocent spirits, and then our part in this energy exchange is we take them on. So from an early age we begin to live our lives through the patterns of core belief in ourselves rather than from the unique and divine potential that is innate within us.

The imprinted core belief becomes our filter through which we see ourselves, other people and life itself, this is the shadow we begin to unconsciously live through and we begin to experience the dysfunction that our wounding inevitably produces.

We call this moment of emotional impact a “sacred wound” because it is painful, and it’s message reverberates within our Soul and shapes the way we see ourselves and life for a long time to come…our innocence is wounded and we begin to gain experiences that shape us and colour our experience of life.

A core belief can be formed in a moment of pure receptivity, through trauma or an emotional impact of a negative nature. This is a moment when our psyche actually allows a negative event or projection to take root imprint on our Sub-conscious mind and encapsulate our innocence from that moment on. Yet our innocence is still alive and well and untouched by these experiences, it has only become incased in layer upon layer of thoughts ideas and emotions that need to be peeled back to the core of us and allow our truth to be revealed.

Our innocent knowing that we are divine, perfect and beautiful changes drastically to a core belief that we are alone, unworthy, unlovable and not good enough.

But the trap becomes even more deep when we realise that as we grow and begin to live in the world, life will mirror back to us our deepest truths, our core beliefs…not our thoughts or ideas, but the powerful broadcast that is our belief system itself. So when we walk around with an unconscious core belief that “I am unworthy” even if we say all the right things and do all the things we “know” how to do to bring ourselves the things we most yearn for in life, unless and until this core belief is acknowledged, explored and then integrated and healed, we will continue to both sabotage our happiness and attract to us the exact circumstances that will reinforce this belief. This is not to lead us into constant suffering, but to wake us up to the truth of this Soul journey, so we don't remain forever the slaves to our shadow realms.

Life can actually “feel” like it is working against us, yet on a deeper level, we are being shown through our conscious awareness what it is that is requiring healing within us. We go around constantly trying to fix the outer circumstances in our lives, when all the time a subtle yet profound shift in our inner awareness and core belief would change everything in an instant, with far less time and energy, and because this is healed at the core, the pattern and results are healed also. Think about the implications of this for a moment, most of us don’t even realise that we hold core beliefs about ourselves that are holding us back, let alone that we may need to begin challenging those core believes to see if they are the truth of us, now we have the reasoning ability and wisdom to see them for what they are and evolve them to fit our innate sense of self.

This is why the Tarot journey and holistic Soul coaching works, it accesses the subconscious mind and explores the core belief itself. Through a subtle yet profound shift in perception, a realisation that we are whole beyond any event of betrayal, that we are more than our belief system. We must be gently guided to this place where the shift takes place naturally, guided, because it contains the most sacred parts of us, our Soul, and there is a part of our conscious mind that believes it must protect us from this place, as it is deep, dark and mysterious, and far beyond our mind. This is the place where every event that has hurt us, becomes our catalyst for opening us to our great potential and peace.

From Innocence to Betrayal is the first chapter in our Hero/Heroines story, yet it is not the last, next Blog we will delve into “The Leaving” and what that means to us on our deepest levels of soul experience.

Our sacred Wounds are inflicted for us to find our deepest healings…… life would have it, the truth is always held in the divine law of paradox, and soul seems to require paradox to grow…..


Divine Spark

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