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Divine Spark 1-1 Coaching

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

There are few words that we can use to properly convey the experience you have when you move from your mind into your heart, and anchor yourself and your awareness fully there.

Three hand spans in length, but the most important journey we will ever take.

Most of us live in our heads, and don't even realise it.

We become over analytical, busy, stressed, and are continuously seeking a peace the mind can never bring us.

We think in black and white terms, hold unchallenged bias, overthink, find ourselves going around and around and find ourselves completely ungrounded and exhausted from all the mental gymnastics our over taxed mind experiences everyday.

Living in your head will over tax your adrenals, and eventually cause a crisis of some sort an impasse or block internally that can definitely show up externally as well, this is the alarm clock of your Soul, reminding you that you are not anchored in the place that all creation comes from, all happiness lies, and all potential awaits....

the heart.

The heart is the gateway to the Soul, and as such requires that we find the courage to explore the caverns of our hearts and seek to experience life from a more balanced and expanded place.

Most people avoid their hearts at all cost, fear can lie in our hearts, unresolved pain, heartache, betrayal and even anger....

all these experiences can be awaiting our return to the deepest parts of us.

Yet once acknowledged and gently honored, all of these "monsters of the deep" can be released, and your heart becomes the very compass that guides your life.

You begin to live from the cause rather than the effect, meaning you create your world and give out a powerful signal of whom you are to which Life can more clearly respond. The more clear your heart becomes, the more clear a signal you put forth into life, and the more aligned you are with your potential.

Being Anchored in your heart is a process, we need to allow ourselves time to explore the difference between the head and the heart, and then recognise the inherent peace, simplicity and joy that a heart based existence offers. It goes against all we are lead to believe and value in our very head based society, yet is the very seat of happiness and wisdom.

Being heart lead does not mean over emotional, it is actually the opposite.

Our emotions are balanced and we still engage our mind, yet our mind does not rule us any more, it knows its place now, it can relax and do the job it was designed for....serving the heart!

The heart is the master, yet is more humble and forgiving than the task master that was the mind.

In a way the mind is like a small child. Reacting, having tantrums, being very confused, and wanting its own way....the heart is more like our inner parent that is more in to observing, feeling things out and realising that there is far more GREY than there is black and white in life.

Divine Spark One to One Coaching is a heart-centered, person-focused coaching session with soulful, intuitive healing.

It is a method of moving you gently yet powerfully from a head based awareness and experience of life into your heart, clearing the blocks you hold there, and then guiding you to anchor your awareness there more fully.

Once you are anchored in your heart you become more fully aligned with your very Soul, your Divine Source and your unique potential.

It is a journey, but your life will gain a quality of Soul energy and depth that you may have been seeking for a very long time.

The heart is the vessel of transformation, it is THE Alchemist, your heart has the ability to transmute your pain and suffering and anger or fear, into Love, Passion, Forgiveness and Way more Life force energy flowing through you.

Coaching and energy healing are a powerful and trans formative way to get unstuck, move forward, overcome challenging periods in your life, and receive divine clarity and direction on your path. When used together, you receive a super-charged up-leveling of divine energetic support as you take action towards uncovering your divine potential and authenticity.

Moving from your head to your heart is a calling, and your life will begin to change from the day you step on the path, all you need is courage, curiosity and possibly enough pain to cause you to seek to find a less rugged way of living.

For more information or to Book an appointment with Divine Spark for a special introductory first session, use the BOOK NOW button or contact us directly at


Divine Spark

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