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2018 – the gateway year

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

In numerology the year of 2018 reduces to the 11, which is a master number year and a gateway, but a gateway to what exactly?

We are fast approaching 2020 – the year of clear vision and moving into a more full awareness of where and who we are collectively and personally. There is no coincidence that the last few years have gradually stripped us of our certainty and our stability.

Life has become for many, a lesson in letting go and surrender.

Many of our most dearly held structures such as politics, the economy and world governments have been sorely tested under the weight of profit over people, and we have walked into 2018 starting to become more awake to the damage we are inflicting on each other, not to mention the environment and the other creatures we share this planet with, we are starting to realise that we are all part of the problems, and MUST all become part of the solutions as well.

By the year 2020, we will have realised this even more, and are meant to if we are to stand any hope of changing things.

So the gateway is now here, a gateway into full transparency and a greater degree of there being no where to hide, from both ourselves and others.

The masks are off and everyone is able to “see” everyone else, the good bad and ugly, in both our interpersonal relationships and on the world stage for all to see.

The gateway of being more awake to how the world REALLY is, not how we believed or wanted it to be. The gateway of having a more clear vantage point of where we are headed and what that could mean. The gateway of choice, but also responsibility.

2018 promises to create all the circumstances in our personal and collective lives to gently (and not so gently for some) shake us more awake and have us see the Truth more clearly.

Discernment Humbleness and Non attachment are key attributes to carry with us into this new year, as we seek out new ways to adjust to our new awareness and consolidate our everyday needs within that, our needs and those of our fellow Man, in a co-existence with each other.

So welcome this new 11 year of 2018 with a sober considered and open mind, knowing that our hearts will be stretched as they are meant to be in an 11 year, but only so we can know a whole other level of Love

– a more Unconditional expression of what it is to Love and be Loved.

2018 is the year of the heart, and moving more fully into how to live from the heart rather than the mind alone.

At Divine Spark we will be exploring the themes of this year as we go, and guiding us all towards navigating the energies and experiences with more insight and wisdom.

Welcome aboard and Happy New Year! Kym

Divine Spark

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